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About Our Health Checks

Are you an employer that knows the value of protecting the health of your workforce? Lindsay & Gilmour offer a comprehensive range of onsite health check clinics including Blood Pressure Check, BMI, Lifestyle Advice (smoking, alcohol, healthy eating, manging stress/mental health, weight/exercise) and Blood Glucose Test and Cholesterol Test. Led by a qualified pharmacist, we can offer this service in the convenience of your own workplace.

WHat are the benefits?

Most employers would agree that there is no greater asset to their business success than a healthy workforce who feel valued. Lindsay & Gilmour’s onsite company health checks help employers empower their teams to monitor and take control of their own health and wellbeing from the convenience of their place of work.
Lindsay Gilmour Health Checks

The Process

Health Check Times is 15-20

A qualified pharmacist would deliver the service in a private area/room with one of our specially trained health professionals and will last 15-20 minutes. We offer a range of packages at different prices according to budget and requirements.

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Health Check Results

Each employee will be asked several questions and take measurements (height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure) to help the health professional build up a profile of their health, the questions will be related to their lifestyle, medical and family history. From this information, the health professional can determine if the employee has any risks factors of developing certain conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

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Pacakges Review

With the silver and gold package, the healthcare professional will need to administer a pin-prick to the finger or thumb to gain a sample of blood from the employee. This sample is then transferred to a machine, an accurate reading will then provide a result for either or both blood glucose and cholesterol.

Based on the result findings for whatever package selected the health professional will discuss any concerns or questions the employee may have and help to devise an action plan for reducing any risks, e.g. weight loss, stop smoking. A comprehensive report/s will then be supplied to the employee for their reference or to give to their General Practitioner if a referral is necessary.

The earliest our healthcare professionals can be on site is 08:30 and the latest appointment finishing time would be 18:00.

We can also arrange that employees unable to make appointments for the health check days on site, can be scheduled in to a participating flu and/or health check pharmacy near to their place of work or home.

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