‘We ask questions because we care’ – Lindsay & Gilmour back RPS campaign

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  • 13th September 2018

Good Care Starts with a Conversation


Good Conversation. We all value it and enjoy it, don’t we?  At its best, a good two-way chat with a friend about something important can make you feel more supported, understood and altogether in control.

It is this powerful effect which The Royal Pharmaceutical Society have placed at the heart of its recently launched campaign entitled Good Care Starts with a Conversation.

The initiative encourages two-way dialogue between patients and pharmacists in order to get the best from their medicines and achieve the highest quality of life for all.

It is a simple message and one which Lindsay & Gilmour whole heartedly supports. See Managing Director, Phil Galt’s full article here

Philip Galt article for Pharmacy in Practice


For many of us, being given the time and space to really talk about how well our medication is working for us is a welcome opportunity in a world where many medical professionals are under constant time pressures.  To many of our valued patients and customers, their local community pharmacist will provide a vital listening ear and experience that can be accessed without appointment, often minutes from their own front door.

However, we must remember that not everyone is comfortable with the prospect of being asked more questions about their health – a topic which can be very personal and, at times, challenging to explore.

This is entirely understandable and is why Lindsay & Gilmour continues to invest significantly in creating (often multiple) consulting rooms within our pharmacies, which offer patients a safe and private space to discuss any health concerns they may have.

As professionals, however, we know the importance of medicines in preventing premature death, curing illness and improving quality of life but we also know the risks they can sometimes bring.

And the single most powerful way to achieve good care is to ask more questions.

Over the coming months, you may notice your pharmacist asking more of the following questions:

Do you take all your medicines as prescribed?

Do you understand what your medicines are for?

Do you understand how and when to take your medicines?

Do you know the possible side effects and what to do if you have concerns?

We urge you not to be alarmed by these questions but to try to answer them as honestly as you can.  In turn, we would encourage you to ask us as many of the following questions as possible:

What is the medicine for?

How do I take it and for how long?

Are there any side effects?

Are there any check-ups required?

Can I stop any other medicines?

All of these questions are carefully chosen to gain the facts and circumstances required to get the best outcome from your medicine so please welcome them and use them fully.

We at Lindsay & Gilmour look forward to supporting this campaign from the outset, taking the time to listen and understand what matters most to you and help to deliver a constantly improving level of patient care in the community.