Danielle, 25 - ACT at Nuchem Edinburgh (part of Lindsay & Gilmour)

Danielle started at Lindsay & Gilmour when she was 15. Following an opportunity to do work experience, Danielle was offered a part-time job working after school and at weekends. Fast forward 10 years and Danielle is now a qualified ACT. She has been sponsored and mentored by Lindsay & Gilmour to achieve the necessary qualifications, including NVQ2 and NVQ3.

In her own words, Danielle shares her career journey to date...

I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do when leaving school. I did my work experience week in my local pharmacy (Nuchem, owned by Lindsay & Gilmour) and really enjoyed it. In particular, I loved working with new people, the public and learning about all the medicines, treatments and services.

When finishing my work experience I was offered a part-time job which I accepted. It was only a couple of months later when I was offered full-time hours and I jumped at the opportunity. I signed up for my NVQ2 as soon as I finished the MCA (Medicines Counter Assistant training) and started working in the dispensary. I have never looked back.

I enjoy working in pharmacy because I enjoy working with people, I like helping, going over and above for people in regards to prescriptions, healthcare and just general advice. Pharmacies offer a lot of different services to help the public and I like being able to help as much as we do. I also enjoy working so closely with doctors surgeries and other health professionals.

My role is varied. I have the responsibility of checking people’s medicines, making sure a quick reliable service is delivered and helping the team I work with. I like training new people so they feel comfortable and supported in their role. I deal a lot with smoking cessation - it's really rewarding when people stop smoking with my help.

I enjoy working for Lindsay and Gilmour because all staff, from head office to those in the branch are very approachable and willing to help if needed. They’re very big on career development which was great for me as I liked learning on the job.

When training in the branch you are fully supported. You are appointed a mentor pharmacist for anything you need help with or to sign off assignments etc and in my experience, everyone I have encountered has been incredibly helpful.

I really enjoy working for the company and would highly recommend joining us and furthering your knowledge of community pharmacy.

If you would like to find out more about a career with Lindsay & Gilmour please email Maxine@lindsayandgilmour.co.uk