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Pneumococcal pneumonia is a serious infection that can affect people of any age , taking up to 3 months to fully recover. A single vaccination, available from all* Lindsay & Gilmour pharmacies, provides long-lasting protection against pneumococcal pneumonia.

* Excludes Balerno.

For advice or information about our pneumonia vaccination service, please contact your local Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy.


What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is caused by an infection that irritates the lungs, causing them to become inflamed and swell up with fluid. The most common cause of pneumonia is an infection due to bacteria called Streptococcus pneumoniae, also known as pneumococcus. It can be spread from person to person through coughing and sneezing.

Who is at risk?

Some pre-existing conditions put people at a greater risk of pneumonia.



4.9x more likely
Chronic Heart Disease

Chronic Heart Disease

4.2x more likely


3x more likely


4.4x more likely
Pneumonia can affect anyone. 1 in 100 adults in the UK develop pneumonia every year. It is an infection that causes serious illness and even death. While it is more common during the autumn and winter months, a vaccination to enhance your immune system can be given all year round to protect against pneumococcal pneumonia.
Pneumonia Injection

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