Apply now for 2022/23 Pre-reg Training with Lindsay & Gilmour.

Summer is fast approaching, which in our world means many pharmacy students are busy preparing for pre-reg interviews. This year is a little different. You might notice a small change because the pre-reg training year is now called the Foundation Training Year.

The on-the-job training on offer is more supportive and comprehensive than ever, which is a great opportunity for trainee pharmacists and reflects the ever-evolving role of a pharmacist and the important part pharmacy plays on the NHS frontline.

The name may have changed but the practical nature of the training has not. We are excited to support new trainees on their journey to becoming skilled managers and person-centered, professional pharmacists.

"I would absolutely recommend students do their training year with Lindsay & Gilmour. It is well equipped to support students. A great team of people with an excellent tutor."

Shuaib Hanafi

You can apply to us direct for both Summer and Foundation Training Year placements by sending your CV and cover letter to

2022/23 Foundation Year Training interviews are taking place on 15th June 2021. We also have a limited amount of 2 week summer placement blocks available, so do reach out to us now to enquire. We are very happy to help!

Hear from our pre-reg pharmacist, Shuaib Hanafi. He has kindly shared his story:

Lg Shuaib Hanafi Case Study
Shuaib Hanafi Pre-Reg Training Story