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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

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1. Visit Pharmadoctor to begin your online allergy consultation
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2. Contact your nearest participating pharmacy
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3. Attend a consultation with your pharmacist to provide a small blood sample
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4. After 2 weeks, return to the pharmacy for detailed results of your allergy test
Do you think your symptoms might be caused by an allergy? You can now find out what your body reacts to with Klarify’s quick but comprehensive testing kit. This test is carried out by one of our trained pharmacists and checks for more than 294 allergens. You will then receive detailed results within as little as 2 weeks.

Why test for allergies?

Living with an allergy can have quite an impact on the life of the person affected and in severe cases, can have serious consequences.

There are lots of telltale signs to look for if you think you might be experiencing allergy symptoms. Signs such as frequent sneezing, itchy or watery eyes and a congested nose or you may experience problems when you eat certain foods. All of these symptoms could be related to allergies. It can be challenging to know what’s the best treatment for your symptoms if you’re not sure what’s causing them. An allergy test is one way to find out what might be triggering your symptoms and provide helpful information to better understand and manage your symptoms.

How it works

Allergy blood testing is the same as any other blood test: a small amount of your blood is sent to a lab for analysis.

This blood sample will be tested for hundreds of:

Pollen allergens
Pet allergens
Insect sting allergens
Dust mite allergens
Moulds & yeast allergens
Food allergens

After 2 weeks, you will be invited to a follow up appointment with your Pharmacist to review and discuss your results.
For advice or information about our Allergy Testing Service, please contact your local Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy.
Choosing to complete an ‘online consultation’ means you will leave the Lindsay & Gilmour website to register or log in to our trusted provider, Pharmadoctor. Upon completion of your initial allergy consultation, we ask that you check availability at your nearest Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy to arrange an allergy test.

If you have any queries, please direct them to your local participating pharmacy before completing the online consultation form.

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